Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are the top five greatest tv show intros of all time? (Not just theme song, but the intro in its entirety.)


Ken S said...

Family Matters
Knight Rider
Wonder Years


Gilligan's Island

Leslie said...

I still have to think about this but I got the images above by doing a google image search for "tv show intro" and I will have the Gummi Bears theme song in my head for the rest of the day.

erin said...

Perfect Strangers
Scarecrow and Mrs King
Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie
Cosby Show (always keeping it fresh, which leads to....)
Fresh Prince.

erin said...

MacGyver was good too.

Also, when I was little, sometimes I would pretend I was in a TV intro and stop and smile randomly for the "camera." I liked to do this while setting the table.

Andrew said...

1.) Cosby Show
2.) Wonder Years
3.) Law & Order
4.) Cheers
5.) The West Wing

beenu said...

the simpsons
perfect strangers
fresh prince
the monkees
lavern & shirley

tamika said...

Not necessarily in order of preference:

Garfield & Friends
Green Acres
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
The Cosby Show

Cate said...

i agree with cheers.
sesame street
reading ranbow

K8 said...

oo cate! good call on sesame street.

i'm gonna just do one: sanford and son. cause i like junk.

not erin, really said...

Growing Pains

John said...

In terms of an intro, I'll say the one for Cold Case is underrated. Always made the show seems 1000% better than it actually was.

Sean said...

Garth Merenghi's DARK PLACE deserves a nod.

Megan D said...

I don't have five but I have one major favorite - remember Swans
Crossing?? The song, the dancing and the car blowing up. Loved it.

Dan said...

In no particular order:

West Wing
Muppet Babies
Fresh Prince
Wonder Years

Ps, was anyone besides me going through their wonder years when The Wonder Years was on?

Hailey Snow said...

Fresh Prince (takes the cake)
Law and Order
Family Matters
Saved by the Bell

carolina said...

Dan´s Wonder Years question would be a good QOTD

Tim said...

in no particular order ...

Electric Company
Fresh Prince
Twilight Zone
True Blood
Tales from the Crypt

carrie g said...

treme is new but i LOVE the opening credits. that song will be in my head all week!
the simpsons
sister, sister (both versions!)
mad men

carrie g said...

omg how could i forget the oc???????

Ryan said...

The Wire, 6 Feet Under (great shows too), Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, True Blood opening is great too (in my opinion the best part of the show)

Wonder Years is a good call though too.