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What's your signature characteristic behavior? What's the signature characteristic behavior of your partner, sibling, bestie?

This question was suggested by the multi-talented Mr Flannery who also provided the following examples to help clarify the question. Below you'll find things that he believes would be "pulling a Flannery". He was also kind enough to throw one in on behalf of his wife, which would be "pulling a Farrington".

Mr Flannery (left) inspired today's question. Thank you, sir.
When you accidentally bake all the dirty dishes you forgot you hid in the oven... you'd be pulling a "Flannery".

When you make a list for the grocery, then forget the list, then forget what you put on the list, then eat spaghetti with chicken every day for a week... you'd be pulling a "Flannery".

When you're at a black-tie fundraiser and your friends have you stifled-laughing so hard during the dead-silence before that string quartet plays their first note, that you - into the resounding, echoing anticipation - let one rip... you'd be pulling a "Flannery".

If you started crying at car commercial that involved an elderly couple... you'd definitely be pulling a "Farrington". 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's celebrate the town and all of its greatness. What is your favorite thing about Boston?

Inspired by today's random read of the day from, "29 Reasons To Love Boston" by Katie Notopoulos .