Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who were your biggest celebrity childhood/adolescent crushes?


Erin Wallace said...

1. Michael Jackson
2. Richard Dean Anderson
3. Patrick Swayze
4. Bruce Boxleitner
5. Jonathan Knight
6. Bono

There's a lot of crazy on that list.

Megan D said...

Chad Allen when I was 8. He turned out to be gay like most of the guys I am attracted to.

Leslie said...

- Jonathan Brandis
- Edward Furlong
- Leonardo DiCaprio (in Growing Pains)
- The hot dude from Shag that Phoebe Cates hooked up with.

John said...

-Kelly Kapowski
-Melody from Hey Dude
-Topenga from Boy Meets World (ended up dating a girl who looked like her)
-Paula Abdul (my how she's fallen)
-Helen Hunt

John W said...

- Alyssa Milano in Who's the Boss?
- Elizabeth Shue in Karate Kid
- Lauren Tewes in Love Boat

Dan said...

Elizabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting. The Redskins cheerleaders.

Beth R. said...

Davey Jones from the Monkees was my very first crush. Yes, I recognize how embarrassing this is.

Beth D said...


sara said...

Fred Savage, Kirk Cameron, Brian Bloom, MJ, Luke Perry were my tops!

Rob said...

Rene Ruso
Jodie Foster
Six (Blossom)

Aimee said...

This question really takes me back:

- Barbie Benton: she was always hanging out on the Love Boat or Fantasy Island. I had no idea she was a playboy bunny at the time.

- Erin Gray from Buck Rogers.

- Tanya Roberts: Maybe she's not my favorite Angel, but definitely the one I had a crush on. I think my favorite was Kate Jackson.

- John Bon Jovi: I can still remember the poster of him in his purple stretch pants hanging in my camp bunk

I’ve got plenty more, but that's enough to give you a taste.

Kelly said...

Elvis -- and no, I'm not that old, but my parents really liked him

Joe Namath

Golden Richards (Yes, that's a real name; he played for the Cowboys))

Dr. J and Doug Collins (76ers)

Timothy Hutton

and the guy who played in Ice Castles -- now I can't remember his name

Sister Ashley said...

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
2. the guy in the Ladybugs movie
3. the guy in Terminator 3
4. Mo Vaughn
(all approximately when I was in 5th and 6th grade)

Sister Ashley said...

Leslie, I hadnt even looked at your answers... maybe I just liked those 2 guys because you did. Hahaha! And that guy from Shag was really hot.

Tim said...

Christina applegate, Kathy Ireland and Alyssa milano...and Bridgette Fonda.

Cate said...

Leonard DiCaprio was sooooo cute on Growing Pains.

I also thought the actor who played Frisco on General Hospital was super cute/rad.