Thursday, September 25, 2008

What would you buy or do with your golden parachute?


Kathryn said...

Buy a big ass plot of land on a lake in Maine (natch) and build a house and a bomb shelter and lots of rations of food and have a big garden so i can live off the land and not have to deal with this bullshit.

or maybe an island somewhere warm.

and a pair of christian louboutins.

Courtney said...

Get my PhD and start a knitting store. I might also get another puppy. And a maybach.

Aimee said...

1st: I’d buy Hers and Hers Convertibles. The Jaguar XK for me and the Lexus SC for Julie.

2nd: I’d put a down payment on the home in Sonoma we’ve been dreaming about retiring in.

3rd: Take a one month vacation with the wife (Portugal, Spain and Italy).

4th: Make a large donation to the Point Foundation.

Laura said...

go on a spiritual journey and travel the world, support small businesses that are in line with my core values and promote entrepreneurship, spend 3 weeks at canyon ranch, go to other similar resorts as needed

- Laura

andrew said...

I'd go and invest the capital into another company to run into the ground.

And buy myself a swank pad in Manhattan.

And go swimming in the rest.

Jill Raney said...

I'd buy a big DC rowhouse with a turret, do a bunch of travel overseas and in swing states, and invest the rest while I come up with a better answer.

John said...

probably fall straight from the plane to the ground without slowing down, gold is pretty damn heavy

Beth D said...

A house or two. Maybe a car. Maybe some houses and cars for my family. Really nice kitchen appliances (for my one or two houses). A vacation. Man, I'm boring. Maybe I'd also buy a literal golden parachute.

Scottie said...

After buying a house in Malibu, one in G'town and a loft in Sausalito, I'd buy the San Francisco 49ers and hire qualified football personnel who have the capabilities and the desire to make the franchise one of the NFL's greats again.

And maybe I'd hire a midget to walk around with me everywhere I went...kinda like Pedro Martinez did. But I'm taller, so it would be funnier.

Cate said...

Invest in real estate. I'd buy flats in London and Barcelona, a loft in Manhattan, a row house in DC, and a bungalow in Austin.

Then I'd travel.

Then I would do something worthwhile, like working with the Gateses to improve our education system.

And I would make big donations to ACLU, the University of Texas, Planned Parenthood and NARAL, PBS, NPR, EMILY's List, Teach for America, and the Moratorium Campaign.

When can I expect the check?

beenu said...

i'd buy the entire cast of arrested development and have them perform for me whenever i desire.