Monday, October 20, 2014

How would you describe your basic weekend?


Andrew said...

Get up on a Saturday morning, early, sometimes hungover ... jump into a pool at 8:30 am. Swim for an hour or hour and a half. Get out, shower, go to brunch in Silver Spring. Come home. Lay on the sofa for a bit with a smug sense of accomplishment. Go outside and mow the lawn or something yard related. Take a nap. The go out and be social. Get up on Sunday. Cook Jon breakfast of scrambled eggs and some sort of side. Watch CBS Sunday Morning over breakfast and coffee. Shower. Go grocery shopping. Then cook a big meal that we can parcel up for the rest of the week. Watch TV and call it a weekend.

mhanke28 said...

Your weekend

Cate said...

This is my *basic* weekend:
Wear leggings as pants
Post selfies to Instagram
Eat cupcakes
Watch Say Yes to the Dress