Monday, March 3, 2014

What would you do if you looked out your window and saw your neighbor's toddler pulling on your car door, pulling your windshield wiper back so it not longer easily touches the windshield and ultimately ripping the radio antenna off your car?


Andrew said...

Ask the mother or father how they would like to pay for the damages. I understand kids will be kids, but how does a toddler reach for these things while being like 3' tall without the parent being nearby.

Maire Griffin said...

1. I'd be amazed that a toddler could climb on top of a car to do that kind of damage w/o the help of an adult. In which case beat the adult with the ripped off antenna.
2. I'd scream out the window as soon as the kid climbed on the car to get off the car.
3. I'd hit the panic alarm and scare the shit out of the kid
4. I'd take a pic of the kid on the car and bring the picture and the antenna to the parents house telling them they'll be getting a bill.

Maire Griffin said...

Wow, I don't hate kids as much as my post might lead people to believe. #CrankyMonday

Lisa said...

Cranky or not, I like Maire's answer. Where was/were the parent(s)?

And whether you got a pic/video or not, I'd expect that family to pay for the antenna/windshield repairs.