Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is it ever socially acceptable for a man to wear heather gray sweatpants in public?


Andrew said...

There could be lots of reasons why one would do this. Including:

1. Being sick and needing to run to CVS to find out whether that questionable gray lamb meat was the cause of his food poisoning.

2. Heading to the gym for the first time on a Saturday morning and not being sure what else to wear.

3. Heading to yoga and those are the only appropriate pants he can now wear since his Lululemon pants show off his underroos.

4. Or Ben going to swim practice.

Rob said...

nope, unless he is going directly somewhere that requires sweatpants. never to run errands or to hang out.

BPL said...

Zubaz or GTFO

Cate said...

I think gray sweatpants are appropriate for workout-related activities.

Benji said...

It's true, sweatpants are part of my swim practice uniform.... I revel in their comfort and softness.