Friday, July 16, 2010

What were your first three concerts?


erin said...

Ani Difranco
Tori Amos

My first should have been NKOTB but my stepsister was mean and didn't take me.

Leslie said...

1. Phish on New Year's Eve at the Boston Garden when I was 15.
2. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds acoustic at UNH when I was 16.
3. Rusted Root at UNH when I was 18.

Justin said...

1) Whitney Houston - Nashua, NH
2) STP (Stone Temple Pilots) - Boston, MA
3) ?

Scottie said...

I can't help but laugh...

1) Skid Row and Pantera, Orange Show Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA, 1993

2) Damn Yankees and Jackyl, Orange Show Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA, 1993

3) Def Leppard, Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, CA, 1993

Yeah...I tried to hold onto hair metal as long as possible.

Leslie said...

Scott is to hair metal as Leslie is to dirty hippie.

KP said...

I love this question.

1. En Vogue opened for Vanilla Ice who opened for MC Hammer. Denver circa 1991.
2. I think I didn't go to another concert until I was in college...Barenaked Ladies.

KP said...

PS, hello, LILLITH FAIR IS BACK Exciting for the ladyrock fans in the crowd.

Rob said...

Amy Grant

Tim said...

I know my first show was Steve Miller Band in 9th grade (1993 yo!) at Merriweather in Columbia.

As for the other two ... I'm not sure ... probably either Bad Religion, Rancid, Tori Amos or Juliana Hatfield. Or maybe Lollapalooza '94.

Cate said...

my parents were super strict with their oldest child, so i didn't get to go to many concerts. i think the first one i went to was probably at the rodeo.

1. George Strait. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 1996
2. Probably Dave Matthews at the Woodlands Pavillion 1998?
3. Possibly Buzzfest 1998, which featured Foo Fighters, Spacehog, and Our Lady Peace. Also at the Woodlands Pavillion. I think it poured all day. Or maybe it poured during the Live concert I went to. Can't remember b/c I am old.

Lisa said...

1st: Foreigner/Billy Squier - Boston Garden

2 of following at Worcester
(Woo-stah) Centrum: (can't remember order):

*Asia/Christopher Cross
*Styx (Mr. Robato)


*Police/Flock of Seagulls/INXS - Foxboro Stadium

yeah, I'm old.

Leslie said...

Lisa: Journey at the Worcester Centrum sounds epic.

Hailey Snow said...

1. Ray Charles in San Diego when i was 5

2. NSYNC and Britney Spears in LA when i was 10

3. Prince in Vegas when i was 14

SngngMSW said...

- Huey Lewis and the News
- New Kids on the Block
- Mariah Carey

Lisa said...

Loving, Touching, Squeeeeezing...I may have seen them in the Garden, too. I know I saw them twice and they were great in concert, but it was (sob) almost 30 years ago!

Really regret giving my J Geils tix to a loser I didn't want to deal with anymore. Should have kept them and gone with someone else.

John said...

so jealous of lisa to have journey on the list

verve pipe (in jr high, but still ashamed of this)

bob dylan

phillip glass

Dan said...

My friend's band opened for 311 at an under-21 club when I was in the 9th grade. After that it was Beastie Boys followed by (sigh) The Offspring.

kelly said...

Peter Frampton
Bob Seger

unless you count Vegas with my parents, in which case:
Tom Jones
Wayne Newton
Glen Campbell
and I think we saw Petula Clark on that trip also

talk about old...