Friday, May 7, 2010

Who are the three most annoying living actors/celebrities?


erin said...

that heidi girl
lindsay lohan

Janice D., Modeling Agent said...

If any of you say my name, I swear to God, I will go all Tyra on you!

smo said...

-the entire Hills cast
-paris hilton
-nicole richie

Beth R. said...

Elizabeth Hassleback
Tom Cruise
Jessica Biel*
*The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but I have no idea why I loathe JB. I just do.

Scottie said...

1) Kate Gosselin
2) Jon Gosselin
3) Anyone having anything to do with The Hills

Cate said...

1. spencer + heidi are really, truly awful
2. scott baio
3. kristen stewart - she always looks so miserable! no one is forcing you to be an actress, honey. get over yourself

Rob said...

stephen baldwin
kirk cameron

Aimee said...

Ryan Seacrest

Kelly said...

all "Bravo-lebrities"
Ann Coulter

Dan said...

paris hilton
ted nugent
guy fiere

Mike said...

How could I hate celebs? US Weekly has taught me they're just like me!! They walk their dogs!!! They go out for ice cream!!!

I am not a big fan of the reality genre of celebs (your Heidis, your Spencers) but I feel like you have to contribute something worthwhile to society to be a celeb. I don't think they count.

John said...

Some of these answers are pretty obvious, so I'll go with more controversial ones...

Sean Penn: I like his acting and his Katrina stuff was nice, but he can get over himself when he's on Bill Maher, and he can quit trying to buddy buddy dictators who would murder the real Harvey Milk if they could

Annette Benning has always sorta annoyed me, I found her too neurotic in American President and too bitchy in American Beauty...but that's probably a sign of a good actress.

Jeremy Piven: good as ari but just seems like an overall ass, and his travel documentary to India is truly a sight to see

pinchie said...

Miley Cyrus
Tyler Perry
Regis and Kelly