Friday, November 20, 2009

What cocktail/spirit turns you from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde?


beenu said...


Cate said...

jack daniels. he is not my friend.

John W said...

Is Scott Foster on this blog?

Beth R. said...

spiked prom punch at the Red Derby

Justin said...

Gin and Tonic...Again, gin is a truth.

tamika said...

tequila gets me everytime.

Tim said...

It used to be tequila...but in my old age, I have learned to control the beast within.

Karen said...

None that I know of. I don't get angry drunk so much as I loose my internal filter and ramble like an idiot...but usually in a lively and somewhat entertaining way...I hope. And I curse a lot. I enjoy wine and champagne drunk, so I stick to those rather than anything that could have angry drunk potential.

erin said...

I tend to be more weepy when I have rum, and more apt to do stupid things when drinking tanqueray.

pinchie said...

Tequila. It definitely takes me from buzzed to schmammered.

John said...

My self-made drink: Jack Life. Take a big swig of high life, pour in a shot of Jack after, and repeat. Stole a couch in broad daylight and brought to a DC park while fueled off that. Okay, the couch was on the curb, so I didn't really steal it.

Dan said...

Scotch turns me into a Republican.

Scottie said...

There is a reason I don't drink gin anymore.

Andrew said...


Chris In DC said...

Pink Okra

Brett said...

three words:
i get nauseous just thinking about it. anything else is fair game.

Mike said...

Jim Beam

Aimee said...

For me it’s not a particular spirit that sets me off. It the combination of spirits that can be troublesome.

It would not be strange for Mr. Hyde to come out on a night were I start off with beer or wine, and then get the bright idea to switch to vodka martinis or margaritas on the rocks.

However, the opposite scenario usually doesn’t have the same effect. If I start with liquor and then switch to beer Jekyll stays away.

John said...

shared this question with some old college friends, had to share one response.

red (severe):

the devil juice (190-proof, pure-grain alcohol mixed with mad dog 20/20 and cranberry juice)

orange (high):

beer bongs
charlie's long islands
jager bombs
jager shots
mad dog 20/20
power hours
shark bowls
shot-gunning beers
steel reserve 40s
st. ides 40s

yellow (elevated):

homemade vodka cranberrys (cause i mixed 'em strong)
homemade screw drivers (cause i mixed these strong too)
jermaine-made rum and cokes (cause he also mixed'em strong)
third coast ale

blue (guarded):

all other beers, as long as consumed in a conventional manner
bourbon on the rocks (gotta drink it slow, minimizing the risk)
soco-lime shots
white russians

green (low):


Kathryn said...

pretty much anything after drink #8and i if i drink on an empty stomach or if i'm out with slushie.

smo said...

what kate said.