Thursday, September 24, 2009

Which chain food stop has the best menu?


GC/DC said...

Chix Filet

Beth D said...

chipotle, one of the few chains that's veggie friendly!

pinchie said...

Taco Bell. And the only one I can find that serves the full menu is in Bailey's Crossroads. Booooo!

Anonymous said...

Is chain food like fast food? Grr, I'll answer it anyway.

Fast food: Jack in the box
Chain Food: Bob Evans

Rob said...

I prefer Jimmy John's, but only the veggie sammich. Best fast food item ever.

Rob said...

But if we're talking chain, I like eatin' good in the neighborhood.

erin said...

Oof. Jimmy Johns. I love that place.

For some odd reason I'm craving applebees right now.

tamika said...

Fast Food: Sonic. I can always go for a strawberry limeade.

Chain Food: O'Charley's--yeast rolls with honey butter=good times.

Dan said...

Sonic almost beats out Chick- fil-a, which almost beats out Chipotle.

Near my parents' house in Manassas, there is a one-mile stretch of road that has a Chipotle, an Arby's, a Chick-fil-a, a Wendy's and a Taco Bell. I have the damnedest time making up my mind.

eric h said...

THE ANSWER IS CLEARLY SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beenu said...

sonic b/c they'll even custom make things for you if they have all the ingredients.

Leslie said...

I feel like we were neglected in New England. I haven't been to many places listed so far.

Leslie's never been to:
Bob Evans
Jimmy John's (I've ever even heard of it)

That being said, when I moved to Honolulu I thought Jack in the Box was the most genius fast food provider. I could get a burger and a taco and cheesey bacon potato wedges and a salad and a milkshake all at 4:00a. I would then call Kate Cady as I walked home because it was 10:00a on the east coast. Awesome.

Andrew said...

If you support Chik-Fil-A, you support the right wing crazies!

Best chain food stop menu? California Tortilla

Cate said...

chic-fila has the best food. they are run by uber conservatives and they hate teh gays, but i'll give them $5 every few months for their delicious, delicious chickens and waffle fries. then i'll go back to work where we are uber progressive and try our damnedest to ensure equality for teh gays.

corner bakery has a great menu - lots of choices.

John said...

Never had Chick Fila.

Jimmy Johns all the way

Mike said...

Anyone who has never had Chic-FilA, stop working right now, walk out of your office, find the nearest one and enjoy.

You're welcome.

That said Best Fast Food: Cookout
Best Chain Food: Buca di Beppo

We had a mile long stretch of road in Durham, NC with an Arby's, Panda Express, Chic-Fil-A, Burger King, Waffle House, McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, Bojangles (Cajun Chicken Place) and a place called CookOut where you could get a burger with two sides (sides include another burger, chicken fingers, fries, hushpuppies, onion rings, pretty much anything you want) and a shake for about 4 dollars. Greatest place in the world. Writing that description made me change my answer.

Kathryn said...

I'm with Mike on Cookout. Best part of visiting my friends in RDU is getting a footlong hotdog, hush puppies and sweet tea from Cookout at 3am.

Ah, Les, I forgot about you calling me after dozing Jack N the Box. hahaha

Jimmy John's is awesome too. and Sonic. and now I'm hungry and it's only 9:20am.