Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What were Michael Jackson's three greatest contributions to pop culture?


beenu said...

besides his music...
1. his fashion sense
2. living with a domesticated monkey
3. making music videos just as good as movies

Leslie said...

Video: Thriller
Song: Billie Jean (or P.Y.T.)
Dance move: The Moonwalk

Ken S said...

1. Billie Jean or PYT; I can't decide.
2. The glove.
3. Turning into a white lady.
4. (BONUS) Moonwalker, the VHS tape of course.

andrew said...

1.) First Afro American to be prominently shown on MTV.

2.) Revolutionizing the music video

3.) His dancing

tamika said...

1. PYT--for reals, when I walked into work the other day, staff members and volunteers were dancing to it.

2. The sparkly glove--it's better than jazz hands.

3. The full version of the Bad video--"You ain't bad, you ain't nothin'! Hee!"

Cate said...

1. the entire thriller album (best selling of all time)
2. the video for rock with you (green lasers are awesome)
3. i want you back

John said...

1. Unpunking the crotch grab
2. He may be the most universally loved at universally trashed artist of all time
3. Yet another dichotomy about MJ, he's both one of the most asexual and oversexual artists we've had

I'm incredibly torn about MJ. I like what he did musically, and yes he had a terrible childhood..but he might, I emphasize might, have been a horrible monster of an adult. We'll never know.

Is this going to get me banned from QOTD?

Karen said...

1)Breaking racial barriers in terms of cross racial appeal and personally having skin that was, at different times, every color of the rainbow.

2)Revolutionized dance--I was learning his choreography as a kid before I even knew who he was and the more I watch his videos now, the more I see that I never knew came from him in the first place.

3) He makes Justin Timberlake possible.