Friday, February 13, 2009

What superstitions do you actually adhere to?


Rob said...

i knock on wood..

that's what she said

Scottie said...

Throwing salt over my left shoulder

Leslie said...

I knock on wood too.
I don't walk under ladders.
I say, "bless you" when someone sneezes.

Rob is a geek.

Martin Andres Austermuhle said...

If I see a black cat in front of me, I maneuver around it quickly so that I walk in front of it and it doesn't walk in front of me. I usually call it a "stupid cat bastard" in the process and than laugh at how now it'll have seven years of bad luck.

I get a lot of looks for this one.

John said...

I went to catholic school for 13 years so that's enough superstition to last me a lifetime.

Stevie Wonder said...

When you believe in things
that you don't understand,
then you suffer,
superstition ain't the way.

Rob said...

john: zing!

leslie: shut it

Beth D. said...

I say bless you after a sneeze too, but not because I want to make sure the devil doesn't posses you after you've given him the sneeze opening, it's just common courtesy nowadays.

Dan said...

I avoid the number 13 in every way I can. I don't look at my odometer during the 13th mile. I don't look at a stopwatch during the 13th minute. I always stop at 12 beers. I considered sleeping all the way through the day today.

Karen said...

i say bless you, but not out of superstition either. and i knock on wood (btw, you can't "that's what she said" yourself. just not how it's done). I also avoid breaking mirrors but more because broken glass is dangerous and a pain to clean up rather than from any superstitious belief.

beenu said...

i'm interested in what martin does when the song "black cat" comes on.

i had a streak where bad things kept happened to be on Friday the 13th (car accident, hurting myself, losing my credit card). so i made it a rule that no one was allowed to say "oooh it's friday the 13th" around me. i think i'm over it. but please, don't say it to me today.

Cate said...

Opening umbrellas inside brings bad luck
An itchy palm means money will come your way
If you shiver, someone (a goose!) is casting a shadow on your grave
To kill an albatross is to cause bad luck to the ship and all upon it

Amii Stewart said...

I don't want to lose you
This good thing
That I got
'Cause if I do
I will surely,
surely lose a lot
'Cause your love is better
Than any love I know
It's like thunder and lightning
The way you love me is frightening
You better knock, knock on wood, baby

biz said...

this is silly but...

i usually sneeze in threes, so when i don't, it totally freaks me out.