Monday, February 23, 2009

In your opinion, what was the highlight of last night's Academy Awards? Plus: Who looked best? Worst?


erin said...

Joaquim Stiller and Hugh Jackman's "I didn't see the Reader" dance. (I gave up watching at 11).

Dan said...

Easily Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech. I thought Halle Berry looked the best, but I'd say that even if she wore a yellow tuxedo.

Cate said...

Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech was very moving and Sean Penn's "commie, homo-loving, sonofa gun" line was the best of the night.

Clearly Sophia Loren looked best. Natalie Portman looked lovely, per usual. I loved Amy Adam's necklace, and Taraji P. Henson was gorgeous. Miley Cyrus' dress was heinous.

andrew said...

For me, it was toss up between Sean Penn winning for his portrayal of Harvey Milk & Dustin Lance Black's incredibly moving, poignant and needed speech. I definitely teared-up during both.

The best dressed I would say was Natalie Portman. She looked stunning. The worst dressed was Sophia Loren. I'm sorry. That dress was clearly made for someone born after she won her Oscar.

SngngMSW said...

I loved Hugh Jackman's song and dance at the beginning. Kate Winslett's acceptance speech made me "awww" a little, and I was proud of Sean Penn for saying "fuck you" to those who voted for Prop 8. (Although he didn't thank his wife.)

Best dressed: Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Sean Penn
Worst: Tilda Swinton, Philip Seymour Hoffman (what's up with the hat?)

Leslie said...

I liked Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech too. And I dug when Kate's Winslet's dad whistled so she could see him. I got the feeling he did it at track meets when she was a kid. (Not that she ran track but you know what I mean.) I also liked the past winners honoring those nominated.

I think I liked Marissa Tomei the best. And Angelina Jolie's earrings were so beautiful I couldn't stop staring at them.

Eric h said...

Steve Martin: "DON'T. FALL IN LOVE WITH ME."

Mike said...

I'm Steve Martin. And I'm Tina Fey. And I'm Steve Martin.

Beth D said...

highlights: Dustin Lance Black and anytime they showed the Slumdog kids. so cute!

best dressed: marrisa tomei, kate winslet. Anne Hathaway's red carpet dress.

worst: miley cyrus FOR SURE

Best looking people not at the oscars: the obamas. seriously.

John said...

Best moment was the hilariously inappropriate mashups they did with the best pic films and past ones. For example, the Harvey Milk stump speech that quickly cut to Mel Gibson rallying the troops in Braveheart.

Ryan said...

Didn't watch them. This was the first time in forever that I didn't see a single movie that was up for best picture. So in other words, didn't really care.

Scottie said...

I'm a day late.

Highlights: Kate finally winning one...long overdue. Sean Penn's speech (and de Niro's introduction). Steve Martin and Tina Fey...and Steve Martin.

Best dressed: Natalie Portman in a landslide...followed by Anne Hathaway and Frieda Pinto

Worst dressed: Tilda Swinton wins this award every single year. They should rename it 'The Tilda Swinton Worst Dressed Award'. At least she wore some makeup this year.

And I'm sorry, but I gotta agree with Andrew here...Sophia Loren did not look stunning. She looked like 150 lbs of ground beef stuffed into a 120 lb sack. And her face looked like Elliott Ness's trenchcoat. There must be a standard clause in every appearance rider she has media outlets sign that states that they must gush over how amazing she looks. She hasn't looked remotely good since Grumpier Old Men.

Oh yes. I went there.