Friday, January 30, 2009

What should Leslie do as her "new thing" for her 30th birthday?


John said...

A birthday sampler. Have a whole day doing activities of birthday's past. Do a chuckie cheese thing. Go bowling. Party at your place with pin the tail on the donkey and cupcake decorating. Re-do your 21st. Etc...but all of course should involve booze.

Mike said...

Steal a book from the library

nerdette said...

Hop on a flight to New Orleans, and treat yourself to a great dinner in the French quarter.


Spa day


Go shoot rifles at a shooting range. (I know a place :)

The 30s are going to RAWK

ERIC said...


erin said...

Go to dinner at the place you always wanted to but didn't think you could afford it.

Cate said...

dance party! sign up for hip hop dance classes.

brew your own beer

get your (or keira's ha!) portrait painted

Trisha said...

hmm this is tough. you've already done so much. hmmm...i really like that hip hop dance class idea (and we all know you could use it, Brandon Walsh!) the shooting range is pretty hilarious too.
-karaoke (by yourself)
-dye your hair blonde (um, that's probably not in your best interest actually)
-driving range, Teddi would come down and give you some tips
-test drive a super cheezy but expensive sports car and pretend you're interested in buying it
-eat Ethiopian food (what?)

okay I suck at this. get drunk!

Conor said...

i love the new orleans trip idea. and the shooting range. i say dye your hair blonde and go to the airport with 300 in cash and a passport and ask the person at the desk what some of your options are. then commit to one and just go. just go. just. go.
it'll be like you are fleeing from something when actually all you are really doing is grabbing your thirties by the horns and letting them know how fun and spontaneous (and blonde) you are going to be.

Kelly said...

I love "test drive a super cheezy but expensive sports car and pretend you're interested in buying it”

NOLA is always a good idea; and SWA has super cheap flights right now

Or, in the Vegas vein: Atlantic City? (but totally not the same, I know) you could wheelie the boardwalk

Kelly said...

I meant "heeley"; I am so un-hip

K8 said...

spa day: mandarin oriental
shooting range
ride a horse
go to a mosque
take a cooking class
spend all day boozing around DC. we never do that during work hours!!!

umm...i think you should get that tattoo you've been wanting on your wrist. you have tattoos but no on your rest and you did not get them in DC.

Karen said...

shooting range. no contest.

Dan said...

Eat a live goldfish!