Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you were a tv addict with no cable for two months, what tv series dvd box set would you buy to get your idiot box fix?


Scottie said...

For familiarity's sake, probably all seasons of The Venture Brothers...those are great for sick days. Out of the shows I haven't seen, I'd probably say The Wire, since everyone loves it, and says I would love it.

Leslie said...

Gilmore Girls
The West Wing

Whitney said...

The West Wing
Sports Night
The Wire
Gossip Girl (since I've never seen it)

John W. said...

Already had this happen to me; Dexter kept me sane.

I hear Six Feet Under is also a good choice.

Just-Sully said...
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Just-Sully said...

Arrested Development
Freaks and Geeks
Good Times
Family Matters
Family Guy

Just kidding, what is TV?

andrew said...

Law & Order, The Family Guy, the Sopranos. That should take at least two months.

janice d, modeling agent said...

Why aren't you people saying The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency?!

You all suck!

beth r. said...

Adventures of Pete and Pete
Always Sunny

Kelly said...

Leslie, are you without cable?!
West Wing
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Friday Night Lights

Dan said...

I've watched The West Wing a few too many times, so I'll go with The Wire and Quantum Leap.

Cate said...

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Friday Night Lights

beenu said...

arrested development
always sunny

RyMecz said...

My choice would be The Wire b/c I've never seen it before and everyone tells me it's great. My suggestion for others (who haven't seen the following) would be:

Six Feet Under

In my opinion, these are some of the best programs ever put on television.

tamika said...

Leslie, you're stronger than I could ever be. Seriously, if I didn't have cable for two months, I'd probably be camped out at someone's house who did.

That said, I'd choose:
It's Always Sunny
Aqua Teen Hunger Force or The Powerpuff Girls
Arrested Development

beth r. said...

Hell yeah, Tamika--busting out the Aqua Teen Hunger Force!! I forgot about that one. And add Sealab 2021 to my running list.

John said...

I'm sticking with the idea of shows on TV now. Also assume I'd use bunny ears for 30 Rock and the net for Daily. Also, pretending Hulu doesn't exist...

Rescue Me
It's Always Sunny

carrie g said...

Cate, I am so proud of you for choosing wisely.

Arrested Development bc you can never watch that show enough times. Or maybe 30 Rock since everybody loves it so much.

Beth D. said...

Arrested Development. Possibly Big Love, it's been a while since I've seen the first seasons.

Sister Ashley said...

I am frequently without cable. I have already done this with LOST and now am working on Heros (which can be streamed online for free!). But if they had the Biggest Loser, I would totally buy that. That is the best show.

Mike said...

Lost although I don't know how rewatchable that is.

Already have West Wing and Seinfeld.

I'll join the choir on the Wire.

To be original I'll go with Weeds to supplement my MLP fix.

sara said...

sex and the city and dawsons creek! i could watch joey and pacey for hours... then maybe some series i haven't seen yet like dexter, mad men, and old lost episodes to catch up on.