Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fill in the blank: _______________ suck(s).


Courtney said...

My grad program advising

(thank you. I needed to vent!)

Dan said...


Rob said...

sean hannity

dave c said...

The Wizards . . . and can I put exclamation points at the end instead of the period?

Sarah said...

Having a worthless staff meeting which makes you miss the awesome birthday breakfast upstairs with french toast, egg casserole, and sausage, and when you do get up there all that's left is a few bagels...

eric h said...

THE F-ING BILLS KICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth R. said...

Not ever being able to get a cab on H Street. This weather. Dating in general.

Scottie said...

Being broke
Being cold
The LA Kings
Bill O'Reilly
The current baseball playoff format
My Internet connection
The Wizards
Jessica Simpson
The lack of a college football playoff
The Hills
My mood
The fact that I still gotta wait a long time for Lost to start up again
...and the Red Sox (Sorry, Leslie)

Ryan said...


Too easy

John said...

The lunch options around my office, and Redskins fans...there I said it, had to get that off my chest. Redskins fans suck, suck more than OSU fans even. Sorry, yall are nice people in general and we can come together on the Wizards, but every time I hear that stupid fight song (sorry, what NFL team has a fight song) I want someone to break Theisman's legs again.

tamika said...

My old boss trying to come back to work

beenu said...

the BCS.
texas tech.
ohio state.
michigan state.
cold weather.
your mom.

beenu said...

i forgot iowa.

janice d, modeling agent said...

Wow, no one mentioned me? I need to work on that. (Oh, and Mayor Bloomberg sucks).

tim said...

I was going to say the Cowboys, but now I am going to say "John" because of his response. Ha!

Mike said...

People that hate sports teams because they are successful

Cate said...

traveling for work
waking up at 5am

and texas tech

mayor bloomberg said...

mean people and has been models

Megan D said...

updating my resume

Leslie said...

cold weather
pretending i like to run
pretending i like to run in cold weather

Leslie said...

I just got the "Vacuums" suck response from Scott. Hahahaha!

Kathryn said...

my car and getting it fixed and then still having it fail inspection and so i have to go back to get it "fixed"
and having my itunes crash my work computer so i had to go buy an external hard drive....that sucks too.